Transform Your Bathroom With A Frameless Glass Shower Door

Do you want to transform your dull outdated bathroom into a luxury bath retreat? Installing a frameless glass shower door is the first step toward doing just that. The shower is the centerpiece of a bathroom like a stove is to the kitchen, so selecting the right shower door the rest of the bathroom can be built around is important to having that perfect place to relax and pamper yourself.

Shower doors have undergone a major transformation in the past couple of years. Gone are the days of the flimsy curtains and the plain plastic sheets. Today, the frameless glass shower door has many varieties and choices when it comes to the color, size, shape and design, ranging from Victorian style to the ultra modern. Their flexibility is a great attribute as they can be custom designed to suit the needs and to meet the requirements of the homeowner. Safety in the bathroom is of paramount importance, and the doors are manufactured from tempered safety glass, which has high-impact resistance to give the consumer complete peace of mind.

Benefits of installing an Atlanta frameless glass shower door

  • Easy to maintain. Frameless glass shower doors have no frames to collect dirt and grime. Furthermore, there are no tracks or frames to corrode or rust. This allows these doors to outlast framed glass shower doors.
  • It shows off your tile work. With no bulky frame in the way, you can showcase the beautiful tile work. You have the option of low-iron glass to provide an even more crystal clear view.
  • A sleek modern design. The frameless door provides a sleek and modern design that will be the focal point of any bathroom. The door has no visible frames, allowing light in to provide a bathroom larger and much brighter.
  • Fully customizable. This feature allows you to customize the shower the way you want it. You can select everything from glass type to hardware type and color. It also allows you to choose the size, height, and width to fit in virtually any size space.
  • It adds value to your home. Perhaps the biggest benefit in investing in a frameless glass shower door is the increase of return you can get from selling your home. The bathroom will be more appealing to home buyers with this upgraded shower door.

Choosing Your Atlanta Frameless Glass Shower Door

Marietta Frameless Glass Shower DoorsThe first step in choosing your frameless glass shower door is the glass itself. Since this type of doors doesn’t require frame supports the glass is usually 3/8 to 1/2 inch for a solid feel, the thicker the better. Clear glass is the most commonly used glass that gives you the feel of a much larger and brighter bathroom, while low iron glass gives you the same appearance, but without the green hue that clear glass gives you. You also have the option of sand blasted, etched or laminated glass that will provide custom patterns and a degree of privacy. Frosted and Rain glass lets some light in but blurs the shapes of items behind the glass. The last glass options are grey and bronze glass. These glass options are shaded and allows less light flow but are protective and pleasing. As you can see there are many glass options and it really comes down to personal preference.

Selecting the hardware for your door is equally important to designing a shower that transforms a bathroom into a spa like feel. The many options include door pulls, knobs, hinges and towel racks. After choosing the hardware you love comes the finish of the hardware you select. The most common finishes are polished chrome, bronze, brushed nickel and stainless steel. Again selecting the hardware depends on personal preference.

Transforming your bathroom with a frameless glass shower door takes thought and time to design and install but can be well worth the effort. Considering how much time a person spends in the bathroom, having a luxury bath retreat helps brighten your day.

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