Roswell Frameless Shower Doors

Superior Shower Doors has been installing beautiful Roswell frameless shower doors since 1999. As their name suggests, frameless shower doors have no outer metal frame around the glass edges, which prevents formation of mold or bacteria that are known to breed in the area between the glass edges and the frame.

Custom Frameless Shower DoorWhen you are looking to have a unique shower door created, a custom frameless glass shower door may be ideal for you. There are many elements that you can customize when you select a frameless shower door. You can pick what type of glass you want, such as opaque or frosted. You can pick the size specifications including the thickness of the glass, making it perfect for those who have a uniquely sized shower opening. And you can select the type of door, such as a fixed shower door, a swinging glass door, or a sliding door.

A simple shower curtain might be good enough to keep water off your bathroom floor, but the right type of Roswell shower door can provide an elegant solution with water-tight seals, privacy and easy access to your shower. Frameless heavy glass enclosures are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom that spacious, luxury spa-like feeling that Roswell homeowners want.

Frameless Shower Design – Roswell, GA

Frameless shower doors are designed in a way that they have at least one panel, though you may opt for a custom design having more than one glass panel, enhancing the look and appearance of your bathroom. Comprising 1/2″ thick glass, weighing over 70 pounds, frameless shower doors are quite heavier than framed doors. The frameless design is very popular today and will surely enhance the value of your Georgia home.

Frameless Shower Glass in Roswell, GA luxury bathroom

A notable feature of the frameless shower doors is the decoration on the door. You may opt for Roswell frameless shower doors engraved with beautiful designs and textures. You may choose a frameless shower door with fine lines and flawless clear glass to give your bathroom a modern look. No matter what look you are going for, at Superior Shower Doors of Roswell, we will custom design a frameless shower enclosure of your choice, based on your requirements and specifications. We have standard frameless glass shower doors designed for different opening types, including pivot doors, bypass doors, and neo-angle doors, but we can also custom design our shower glass for any opening.

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