Space Saving Ideas For Small Atlanta Bathrooms

Atlanta frameless glass shower doors
Photo by Chastity Cortijo | Unsplash

Lifestyle magazines are excellent places to get ideas for your bathroom. However, you’ve probably found that most of the ideas on their pages are best suited to a much larger bathroom than the one you have. If your bathroom feels cluttered and you’re finding it a struggle to navigate around it, you’re probably considering remodeling, and a new shower door is certainly part of that. But there are other ways to save space in your bathroom that won’t break the bank, so we’ve put together a few ideas to help you out.

Replace Your Tub With a Shower

A good soak in the tub feels fantastic and luxurious, but how often do you actually use your tub? If you find you’re answering “very rarely” to this question, now might be a good time to ditch the tub and replace it with a space-saving shower. The space you can save can be pretty significant — for example, if your bathroom is long and narrow, your tub probably takes up one side of it. By swapping to a shower, you may end up freeing up most of one side of the bathroom by having the shower at one end. Once that’s done, you’ll have some space for that extra storage you wanted!

Fit a Wall-Hung Toilet

The water tank behind your toilet takes up a considerable amount of room. Fortunately, there is a modern option for toilet fitting that can remove this problem. When you fit a wall-hung toilet, the water tank is concealed within the wall, moving the seat closer to the wall, and save you between 10″ and 15″ of space. This can make a significant difference if walking space is restricted in your bathroom.

Although it can be tricky to fit and possibly cost up to twice as much to install as a standard toilet, a wall-hung toilet is excellent for saving space and gives your bathroom a sleek, modern look. You can also complement your wall-hung toilet with a wall-hung basin or wall-hung vanity unit to save even more space.

Use Vertical Spaces

Remodeling your bathroom by swapping your tub for a shower or fitting a wall-hung toilet will save a lot of space but can get expensive. If you haven’t the budget for these options, it’s time to start thinking creatively. The space above your toilet, basin or vanity unit might just be used for hanging a piece of art or might not be in use at all. Add some shelves or storage units into these spaces to make the most of the available space. If you’ve got a mirror above your wash basin, consider swapping it out for a cabinet with mirrored doors. This type of medicine cabinet might seem old-fashioned, but it’s a classic for a reason and can provide valuable extra storage space.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors will always create the impression of more space in your bathroom, especially if you choose clear glass, allowing you to see right across the room. Opting for an Atlanta frameless shower door further increases the feeling of spaciousness, with no curtains or patterned glass darkening the room. At Superior Shower Doors we can install custom clear glass frameless shower doors in custom sizes to fit even the smallest bathroom.

A Neo-Angle Shower

A neo-angle shower in the corner of your bathroom can save you a lot of space. It doesn’t stick out into the room as much as a conventional square or rectangular shower unit, while still offering plenty of interior space. A neo-angle shower also looks modern and sleek, and you can complement it with a corner sink to save even more space.

Use Your Door

The door to your bathroom is a fantastic place to implement space-saving ideas. To start with, you could put an over-the-door- shoe holder on it, which you can use to store bathroom products if you’re lacking storage space. In addition, you can fit a shelf above the door to store items like spare towels and washcloths. Of course, if you’re not very tall, you may need a stool on hand to reach it! However, it’s a great place to store items you don’t need to access too often.

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