Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

A trendy bathroom is an effective way to upgrade the aesthetics of even the most modest home. Bathroom renovations add glamour and extend a bathroom’s use beyond its normal sanitary functions. Due to the impact of this singular upgrade on the enjoyability of a home and its resale value, says Avalon Management, homeowners are continually seeking new and better ways to improve their bathrooms.

Atlanta bathroom with frameless shower doors

There is a new addition to the list of bathroom options they can choose from; frameless shower doors. These allow owners to implement a luxurious feel that does not make a bathroom ostentatious.

Frameless shower doors are different from framed shower doors in one respect. There is a complete absence of metal hardware and framing in the shower doors. Traditional shower doors have metal or rubber around the interior edges. These hold the glass in place and improve the door’s rigidity.

Atlanta apartment with frameless glass shower door and enclosureFrameless doors dispense with this feature, leaving an all-glass entrance with nothing obstructing its transparency. Because they don’t have framing, frameless shower doors use a thicker form of tempered glass to ensure the door stays functional and durable.

Frameless shower doors have the advantage of creating an elegant and minimalist look. And because of their complete lack of metal hardware and framing, they will blend seamlessly into the style and décor of any bathroom.

They are versatile enough to fit easily into a variety of bathroom sizes and configurations. Their major downside, though, is that they are quite expensive. If you are considering a bathroom renovation for your home, perhaps a move from shower curtains to shower doors, would frameless showers doors be the right choice for you?

To help you make that decision, here are the pros and cons of this new type of bathroom upgrade.

The pros of Atlanta frameless shower doors:

  • More Open Space; Shower curtains and framed shower doors segment a bathroom space, making it look smaller. Frameless shower doors don’t do this; they create the illusion of space because they allow a bathroom feel more open and airy
  • Customization; Traditional shower doors are mass-produced in set standard sizes, but the majority of frameless shower doors are customizable. Owners have greater freedom to design the shower to fit the bathroom, instead of the other way round.
  • Wide range of motion; Their hinges allow the door to pivot inward and outward, meaning the glass doors can be opened from any direction. Framed shower doors open in only one direction.
  • They are easier to maintain; With a frameless shower door, there are no grooves where dirt, moisture and soap scum can hide. It makes the door easier to clean. Additionally, they have fewer components, and the parts are more comfortable to replace than those of a framed shower door.
  • Lower risk of mold; The seal on framed shower doors provides the perfect place for moisture to hide and mold to grow. Mold growth in the shower has numerous dangers. Since frameless shower doors lack frames, the risk of mold and it’s health hazards are significantly reduced.
  • Eliminate the risk of corrosion; The most common reason for replacing framed shower doors is corroded metal. Without metal framing and hardware that rusts, frameless shower doors last longer.
  • It complements the bathroom’s existing design; Installing frameless shower doors does not require the existing style and design of a bathroom to be updated. In addition to completing the current model, it directs attention towards other design elements of the bathroom; it does not compete.
  • Minimalist and ageless design; A frameless shower door, although modern, is unlikely to become dated. The entry is sleek and trendy, and yet ageless in appearance. Additionally, it is a spa-like addition that is an added benefit to any bathroom.
  • Boost Property Value; Bathrooms, along with kitchens, sell homes. A frameless shower door adds even more class and luxury to the bathroom and increases the home’s value.

Roswell Ga Frameless shower doors

The cons of frameless shower doors:

  • Cost; Due to the thicker and heavier glass that is used in frameless shower doors, they are a lot more expensive than framed shower doors. This more significant upfront expense is their biggest drawback.
  • More likely to leak if not properly installed; The rubber and seals on framed shower doors help prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. Frameless shower doors do not have seals, and if the glass is not correctly cut to size during installation, they can leak.
  • Complicated installation; Installing frameless shower doors is not as straightforward as installing a framed shower door. The method of installation will vary according to the type of shower. Putting up the doors can be tedious.
  • Possibility of shattering; Although extremely rare, there are cases where frameless shower doors have broken. These incidents are mostly due to wrong or damaged glass, but can also result from abrupt changes in temperature or humidity. Frameless shower glass is tempered.
  • Instability; Although they are safe, frameless shower doors are not necessarily as stable as framed shower doors. Some installers cut cost by using thinner glass.
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