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Atlanta Shower Door InstallersA good looking and well functioning bathroom is the epitome of luxury. Though a shower enclosure does not offer the same luxury as soaking in a bathtub, it still fulfills its purpose beautifully. Further, when you are in a beautiful shower enclosure, the process of showering itself becomes an unwinding and relaxing process. While there are tiles and other decorative fixtures to add to the beauty of shower enclosures, one way in which you can give this enclosure a sleeker look, is by means of a beautiful designer shower door.


Choosing The Perfect Shower Door

One of the most important things to consider when selecting the type of shower door you’d like to use is whether or not the shower uses heavy glass. Since heavy glass weighs considerably more than thinner glass (commonly used in framed shower enclosures), it’s important to have adequate support within the wall to sustain the weight of the glass. Have you ever seen a shower door that doesn’t shut completely or maybe even rubs when closed? These are signs that the shower door has a heavier glass than the wall or mounts were built to support and is an extremely important factor to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a frameless shower enclosure.

An equally important factor to be aware of is how much space you have inside your bathroom. Space constraints may cause you to change your mind from selecting a swing-line shower door to a sliding shower door. Considering issues like this can sometimes be overlooked by amateurs who rely on blue prints for design and don’t even take into account actually being in the bathroom once the shower door has been installed. It’s important to consult an experienced shower door installer with a good reputation to avoid mistakes like these.


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