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Bath & Shower Door AtlantaTraditional glass shower doors required metal frames to hold the glass in place. The frames surrounded the glass leaving no edges exposed. Because glass doors were typically constructed with thin glass ranging from 1/8 to 3/16th of an inch in thickness, frames were necessary to provide structural integrity. While frames added to the durability, they also created additional issues and hard to clean areas. Soap scum and water could easily collect in between the glass and frames leading to corrosion and mildew.

Frameless shower doors are constructed from tempered glass, which ranges from 3/8 of an inch to ½ of an inch in thickness. These doors are extremely sturdy and eliminate the need for the metal frames of the past. Because of their transparent appearance, frameless shower doors can help to make a small space feel more open and add a stylish, contemporary look and feel to your bathroom. Frameless shower doors complement tile, granite and even marble. You can also add an elegant touch by choosing from a variety of fixtures such as towel bars and decorative metal door handles.

A wide selection of glass is available to help you create your own, unique design and feel. A few options are listed below:

    • Clear Glass:  One of the most popular options, clear glass also helps to open up a small, confined area making the area feel larger and lighter.
    • Frosted Glass:  Frosted glass provides a satin like appearance and allows soft light to enter your shower area. The frosted look is produced by acid etching of regular glass on the outside of the door.
    • Low Iron Glass:  Low iron glass is manufactured with a reduced iron content which leads to a clearer appearance compared to the slightly greenish tint of standard clear glass. Low iron glass will allow the true colors of your shower tile to show through the doors.
    • Rain Glass:  Rain glass has an attractive, patterned “rain like” texture that helps to conceal fingerprints and watermarks.

Add Value To Your Acworth Home

The two most important improvements you can make if you’re considering selling your home are improving the curb appeal of kitchens and bathrooms.

Frameless shower doors offer a way to add value to your Acworth, Georgia home even if you are not going to be selling your home in the near future. Because of their durability, frameless glass shower doors can be easily cleaned to “like-new” condition, maintaining their look and value – even years after installation.

Cleaning Tips

A quick and effective way to clean your frameless shower enclosure is to use a squeegee after each use. This will help to keep your glass clean from water spots and mineral buildup if you live in an area with hard water.

You might also choose to use a surface protector such as Rain-X or C.R. Laurence TPC Surface Protector. Surface protectors actually seal the pores of the glass making the surface resistant to water and stains. The clear coating also helps prevent build-up of mold, mildew and mineral deposits.

We recommend using a non-ammonia glass cleaner on all hardware. Cleaners that contain ammonia may damage your hardware over time.

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