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If you seek top-tier service for shower door installations in Smyrna, Georgia, look no further than the experts at Superior Shower Doors. Our team specializes in delivering high end shower door installation services, ensuring a seamless process from planning to installation, typically completed in less than a day. Feel free to email us a photo of your shower for a prompt, complimentary estimate.

Shower Door company Smyrna, GASome things we consider when giving a quote:

  • Configuration – Depending on the type of walls and glass you want, there needs to be a determination of how much weight the walls can handle. Leave this to us to help you find a perfect fit.
  • Shower Head – You may be asking yourself, “Why a shower head?” This is because certain shower heads may spray water over the glass enclosure. We can help you pick out a shower head to perfectly compliment your new glass.
  • Measurements – Although it may look like a perfect fit, the measurements can vary slightly. If this is the case, we will need to measure and determine the specially cut glass that is right for you.
  • Ventilation – Depending on how tall the shower and your ceiling are, we will need to cut it to provide proper ventilation. If the steam cannot escape, this can cause paint to peel and a build-up of mold. One very nice option to consider is an operable transom for ventalation as pictured below.

Types of Shower Glass

  1. Clear Glass:
    • Clear shower glass is the most traditional and widely used option for shower enclosures.
    • It offers a sleek, minimalist look, allowing natural light to illuminate the shower space.
    • While clear glass provides a timeless appeal, it requires frequent cleaning to maintain its transparency and prevent water spots and soap scum buildup.
  2. Frosted Glass:
    • Frosted or obscure shower glass provides privacy while still allowing light to filter through.
    • This type of glass is ideal for shared bathrooms or spaces where privacy is a priority.
    • Frosted glass requires less frequent cleaning compared to clear glass, as water spots and soap residue are less visible on its textured surface.
  3. Tinted Glass:
    • Tinted shower glass adds a touch of color and sophistication to shower enclosures.
    • Available in various shades, including bronze, gray, and blue, tinted glass can complement the overall design scheme of the bathroom.
    • While tinted glass offers aesthetic appeal and enhanced privacy, it may require more frequent cleaning to maintain its color vibrancy and prevent water stains.
  4. Low-Iron Glass:
    • Low-iron or ultra-clear shower glass is manufactured with reduced iron content, resulting in a crystal-clear appearance.
    • This type of glass is prized for its exceptional clarity and ability to showcase tile work and shower fixtures with unparalleled brilliance.
    • Low-iron glass is highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains, making it a premium choice for luxury bathrooms.
  5. Textured Glass:
    • Textured shower glass features patterns or designs that add visual interest and depth to shower enclosures.
    • Common textures include rain, bamboo, and reeded patterns, each offering a unique aesthetic appeal.
    • Textured glass is favored for its ability to hide water spots and fingerprints, requiring minimal cleaning maintenance.

Superior Shower Doors is dedicated to delivering unmatched quality and service, transforming your Smyrna, Georgia shower into a luxurious oasis while adding value to your home. Contact us today to discuss your shower door installation needs and embark on a journey to elevate your bathroom space.

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