Copper Bathtub Design Ideas for Your Atlanta Bathroom

You have copper pennies in your pocket. You have copper cookware in the kitchen. But did you know about copper bathtubs? These metal marvels make an excellent addition to any Atlanta bathroom design. They’re large enough to draw the eye and stylish enough to make a statement. Their durability and reliability make them ideal for busy families. But if you already have a copper bathtub, you may wonder how to decorate your bathroom around it. How can you select items that compliment a reddish-brown hue? You don’t have to break the piggy bank to create a space with an unmistakable personality.Copper Bathtub Atlanta, Georgia

Introduce Plants to Your Bathroom

Think you shouldn’t put greenery in the bathroom? Think again! Plants act as a privacy barrier if the tub is next to a window, but you can also hang them from the ceiling. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, try setting plants on chairs or pillars. Don’t use plastic plants – it may be easy to take care of them, but they look cheap and don’t do you any favors. If you find yourself torn on the matter, talk to an expert about your best options.

Use Textures In Your Bathroom

Get that antique wooden vanity out of the basement and give it a good scrubbing. Put shelves on the wall to keep knickknacks and treasures out on display. Never select anything too important to put in the room. Steamy baths or showers could damage your items if you don’t spill water, shampoo, or soap on them first. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you just might have your own design epiphany as you work. If you don’t have a lot of money to throw around, only purchase one thing at a time.

A Tiled Bathroom Floor Works Wonders

Some people use carpeting in their bathrooms. This is a bad idea. Carpeting is highly susceptible to tears, rips, and stains. If you spill water from the tub, mold could grow. Carpets also wear down from frequent use. If you use a particular bathroom daily, you may have to replace the carpeting every so often because it gets flat and messy. Tiles work better for bathrooms, both for cleaning and aesthetic appeal. Stay away from dark colors. You don’t want to feel like the room is closing in on you. Go to your local hardware store or browse the Web to get ideas.

Copper bathtubs offer their own benefits to your bathroom. They look good, require little cleaning, and make you feel like royalty while you relax. As cool as a copper tub is, choosing the right décor to compliment the tub can feel daunting. You may give up before you even start. Don’t worry – there is no reason to think the situation is hopeless. With the right information at your disposal, an oasis of calm and relaxation is a few accessories away.

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