Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2014

Bathrooms are timeless. As we move through the centuries, the need to clean the body and unwind after a long day will always be important. Despite this fact, you may think of your bathroom as another place in your home that you visit only when nature calls. There are endless possibilities on the table to assist in changing that idea. The room can be an extension of your tastes and sensibilities, and you don’t need to keep the ugly flooring installed decades before your birth. If you want to make changes, you may wish to pay attention to the latest trends. You can take advantage of the latest technological advances to create a special space for you and your family.

Comfort Is Everything

It’s not unusual to come across a fancy bathroom – a bathroom that seems too delicate to touch or otherwise occupy for long periods of time. Thankfully, 2014 trends bring the need for comfort. Your bathroom doesn’t have to feel like a museum. You may wish to invest in comfort height vanities or comfort height toilets. If you have a low window, create a window seat and fill it with pillows and other soft items. Make your family want to enjoy their stay in the washing room.

More Lighting

A dark bathroom does you few favors. A number of homeowners are learning that they don’t have to put up with a gloomy atmosphere – they can fight back with a window. A window gives you an opportunity to let air flow. When it’s hot outside, you can let the breeze shoot through the room. If you take a shower, you can use the window to let steam escape and prevent mold. If a window doesn’t fit what you want, you can plant more lighting. Lighting adds heart to any room, and it makes daily tasks easier. There are endless options available on the market. From floor lamps to twinkle lights, you can be creative and try something different.


Bathtubs and showers are an essential part of any bathroom, and not just because you use them to bathe. Showers can help you pull the theme of a room together, and there are a lot of things you can do. You can install doors that open a certain way in an effort to save on space. Want privacy? Foggy glass is an excellent option. This doesn’t even get into what you can do with the walls inside your shower. No matter what your budget, something is out there for you discover and utilize.

Bathrooms are a staple of history, but this doesn’t mean that what you put in the bathroom has to remain the same. Keeping up with trends can ensure a shiny and new environment for your family. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be an afterthought – make it into your own place in time.

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