A History and Design of Shower Doors

Did you know that the first showers involved standing under a waterfall? Ancient tribes chose to cleanse their bodies by allowing water to cascade over their arms and legs. I imagine it must’ve been a wonderful sensation after a day of hunting. The world has changed drastically in the span of a few thousand years, but the need to remove dirt and grime from our bodies remains constant.

Shower doors come in a variety of size and shapes. A set of bypass shower doors take up little space and work well with stand-alone bathtub showers. You can utilize such an option when you don’t wish to make major changes to your bathroom. Pivot shower doors open outward from one side. It’s highly unlikely that water will spill, and you won’t be left with a mess on your hands. These are but two examples of what the market has to offer you and your family. What will you do with your choices? What will you lose by trying something new and different?

It’s not just about making a change. Shower doors also add a sense of beauty to a room. If you stick a bathtub in a wall and do little else, it doesn’t leave you much room for creativity. The right kind of shower door can feel like a part of your house, a part that you may cherish and use to your heart’s content. It won’t be a bathroom that you use and forget – you may want to sit down and take in what you have. If you want your bathroom to feel large, invest in frameless glass doors. If it’s privacy you want, look for frosted or patterned glass. No matter what you fancy, shower doors can be the answer.

Before you take the leap, ensure that you do the math. Not every shower door will fit every bathroom, and it’s important to take measurements. For example, a standard size bathtub shower has an opening width of 60 inches. In this case, a set of bypass shower doors are appropriate.

We’ve come a long way from standing under waterfalls. We may not spend our time hunting for food or painting on cave walls, but we sure need to bathe at the end of the day. Your shower doesn’t have to be invisible – you can make it a part of history.

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