Shower Head Upgrades, What Are Your Options?

Shower Head OptionsA shower head is as much a part of your bathroom as anything else. We begin or end our day by hopping into the shower and letting the water wash away our stress. Some people get their best ideas while they relax in the shower. Sooner or later, however, you may need to replace your shower head. There are a lot of options, and the process can be confusing if you don’t know where to look.

Types of Shower Heads

There are many shower head types to choose from on the market. Below is a list of shower head options, some new heads, and alterations available in 2014.

Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held shower heads offer you the freedom to control where you wash. If you have a tough to reach place that needs attention, simply remove the shower head from its mount and easily expel the dirt from the day. This shower head works well for people too tall to stand under the shower head, children, and the elderly. If you change your mind, putting it back on the mount only requires a few moments of effort. Keep in mind that you have to be careful when doing this. If the shower head comes loose and falls, someone may get hurt.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall mounted shower heads are simple and affordable. This works best for the household on a budget. If you live in an apartment, ask your landlord about changing the shower head. He or she might allow it if you put the old one back before you leave. You have many options with wall mounted shower heads, so there is no reason to feel you’re getting the short end of the stick. Choose something that works best for you and your family. Talk to an expert about what you can do to give your shower a change without pushing your finances over the edge.

LED Shower Heads

Need something different and exciting in your bathroom? Consider a LED shower head. A LED shower head makes taking a shower an entertaining experience through the use of color. You can enable it to display random colors or ask it to react according to the temperature of the water. For example, cold water would activate the color blue. Some models use water pressure to power them, and this is something to keep in mind if you’re worried about electricity.


Spray Pattern Types

When you purchase a shower head, you have to take the spray pattern under consideration. The spray pattern dictates how water comes out of the shower head and without a doubt, is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a shower head.


A rain shower head gives you the sensation that you’re standing in the rain. This type of shower head allows you to unwind using a gentler flow of water. This is a good option for people sensitive to the powerful jets of more traditional shower heads. However, many rain shower heads do allow you to switch spray settings if you so choose.


If you need to relieve stress, a massage shower spray is a great option. The pattern uses a jet spray that comes out of small holes in a smooth, steady fashion. Some holes on the shower head are covered, isolating the amount of water that escapes. These holes open again once another set of holes closes. This spray helps you deal with pain in your muscles, saving you a trip to the massage parlor. However, don’t use this shower head as a substitute for medical attention. If you are experiencing severe pain, talk to your doctor.


Shower Head Mist SprayHave you ever wished to stand under a misty waterfall? When you use as mist shower head, you come close to the real thing. A mist shower head spray involves water being forced through very small holes. Once the water escapes, it breaks into droplets that evaporate almost immediately. This makes the bather feel fresh and invigorated. At the end of a hot day, this may help you cool down and prepare for bed.


Are you tired of shower sprays that make you feel like the water is attacking you? An aeration spray pattern may work best for your needs. With this particular pattern, the water fills with air as soon as it leaves the shower head. This produces air bubbles, creating a gentle spray for the person standing underneath. This option suits children, infants, or those who need a soft water flow due to sensitive skin.


This traditional spray pattern is in homes and hotels around the world. If you want a shower spray without frills and fancy effects, this may be a pattern for you. You have two choices with a regular spray: directed or random. A directed spray pattern channels the water like a watering can. A random pattern has a random rhythm. Every shower head has a regular setting. If you expect guests to be using your shower, you may want to use a regular setting to cover your bases.

What to Keep In Mind before You Install

Before you head out to purchase your shower head, it’s important to know exactly what your shower can handle. Consider the height of your shower glass. Some shower heads produce more splatter than others and you will want to make sure and keep the water in the shower where it belongs. Consider your unique plumbing situation.  You may need to make repairs and upgrade certain parts before you begin installation. Can your plumbing system handle a high water flow? Does your drain have the ability to handle a large amount of water? Do your research and consult a professional Atlanta bathroom contractor.



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