Shower Glass Screen Installation – Atlanta, GA

Shower glass screen - Marietta, GeorgiaShower screens are becoming the standard in many Atlanta bathrooms. Because of the limited space of bathrooms, shower screen installation is a great choice to create open space and bring in more natural light, specifically above and around showers. Glass shower screens installed professionally can provide premium finishes that also help assist in reducing water splashing outside of the shower. Along with Atlanta bathroom tile, a glass shower screen can make a room look premium and luxurious. Shower glass screens help provide ambiance along with space and light that can really take a bathroom to a new level of class.

The typical size for a glass shower screen is 36″ wide by 72″ tall although we can cut the glass to match your custom dimensions. The availability of different glass types offers the convenience of choosing the separation and even the color that denotes the space. Choose between clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, or even the clear, low-iron glass, which produces unsurpassed clarity that can only be matched by HD quality.

Picking the right type of shower glass is different for many bathrooms. Depending on the size of bathroom, custom glass cutting may be required. Superior Shower Doors has years of experience advising customers on shower glass types and design. We will also help you ultilize every ounce of your space and light by maximizing height and width dimensions. Shower design is extremely important to our team and we will help you get the most out of your Atlanta bathroom and elevate it to another level of luxury.

How the glass is held in place to produce the desired look is another option available to consumers through advances in glass hardware. Choose between a small metal clip that creates the frameless shower glass design or a thin, easily concealed, U-channel that holds the glass erect.

These glass panels deliver the ultimate in minimalist design. Glass offers relevance and staying power for the future. Walk-in showers have a tremendous impact on your bathroom space with openness and ease.

Shower Glass Screens – Atlanta, Georgia

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